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"Expect the Best" Mike

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Five FREE Home Seller Reports - Lansing Area Sellers

“Profit occurs when preparation and experience meet opportunity."

When it’s time to sell, you must be confident that every element of negotiating the best terms and the highest price has been set before your home is even listed.

Start with the resources I can provide you. There is no charge for this information. These will help get you started in terms of assessing your real estate situation and planning for a stress-free and successful sale.

The real estate market in the greater Lansing area is volatile, especially lately, and it takes an experienced professional to move your house quickly, professionally, and profitably.

When you’ve decided to sell, I will be your advocate, your guide, and your fierce negotiator. I will work hard to make yours a great sale.

I look forward to it.

"Expect the Best"
Mike Bowler Sr.

Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Real Estate Cooking in Lansing Michigan, Real Estate Laws That Is.

New legislation is being introduced, often to late these days. Here 's one example of the new requirements that mortgage brokers will have, which should have been done years ago to prevent the fraud that took place between 2001 and 2006. better late than never. Part of the bailout programs and economic stimulus being introduced by congress over the past couple of months are also a good long read, if your up for the juggling act. In the end, I think we will all learn something from this fiasco of a real estate market. One thing I already know is that strong will survive and come out of this with a new appreciation on life, homeownership, and what greed has done to the U.S. economy.
Now that the sun will shine around Lansing Michigan for the next few months we may start reducing some inventory to balance things out. Activity has picked up somewhat over the past few weeks, rates are stable, and as I always say, there has never been a better time to buy a home.
"expect the Best" Mike