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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Real Estate Marketing 101, No, Try 2008

As an ePro and real estate Blogger I find it very important in today’s market to connect and network with those who believe in the power of the Internet to enhance their business and career. I have found that it does not matter where I happen to be focusing my business on for that day in the greater Lansing area, I can post an article about the real estate business in that area to benefit my clients, customers and Realtor friends who believe in technology. Delta Township, Grand Ledge, and Delhi Township have been key areas that I have hyperlinked into my website for clients to obtain demographics and other great information about those communities. Point2Agent Websites have been a plus for Realtors because of the high search engine rankings and the idea of handshakes that Realtors can do with each other to co-operate on listings.

Much of what I have written above may sound of beat to what you have been use to over the years for real estate marketing, however times have changed rapidly over the past few years and will continue to evolve into what we call the Web2 stage where you, our customer will have a better opportunity to participate in this exciting new world of Real Estate Technology. Here are a few samples: a Squidoo lens to promote a property, A HubPage is yet another tool, and then of course the Blog is a great way to promote a listing.

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