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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood Merger is Huge in Lansing Michigan

Today Coldwell Banker Hubbell Real Estate Co and Briarwood Realty announced the merger of their companies that will knock the sox's off the real estate industry in the greater Lansing area. With great pride and excitement, Bob Hubbell (My Boss), announced the affiliation publicly today. Both companies share high values for integrity and quality service. The public will benefit tremendously with this newly formed company called Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood, enjoying 38% of the market share in volume, with the potential to grow substantially over the next few years. The talent of the management team, agents and support staff combined, will be an opportunity to multiply the exposure and strengths in a synergistic way for years to come. With the combined forces in real estate, the new company will have nearly 260 agents blanketing the entire greater Lansing real estate market.
Mergers and acquisitions have solved many challenges for our changing industry, by combining expenses, knowledge and expertise, to make excellent real estate companies. My hat goes off to Bob Hubbell CEO, and Bill MacLeod, President, for their vision and foresight to make this statement of courage in today's real estate market.
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"Expect the Best" Mike

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