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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Real Estate , Great News, Delhi Township, Holt and Greater Lansing Area

It's alway nice to pickup some news that gives a positive slant on the future for real estate investing. Here are three recent headlines that certainly attracted my attention. We need to change the perception, don't you think?
1. NAR forecasts stable home sales in 2008
2. Stable existing home sales in 2008 and then rise!!!
3. The housing "correction" process is well underway
Delhi Township, Holt area has always had plenty to offer with real estate growth and still does today. A recent article I blogged focuses on the positives and why now is the time to make your move. In case you missed it here's the link.
The marketing of homes today has developed into a science of search engines, keywords, social networking, virtual tours, and email marketing. The day of classified ads in the local newspaper are gone. here are a few good samples on instant exposure to you home that can help entice a sale in today's market.
Home in Delta Township
Home for sale in Holt
Colonial Village 2 story for sale.
You can always get the entire area of available homes which consist of over 6000 properties for sale or by visiting my website.
"Expect the best" Mike

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