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Friday, January 18, 2008

Greater Lansing Tips & Tools For Real Estate

I am beginning to see more activity in sales around the Lansing area compared to last year at this time. It appears that the buyers are getting off the fence, realizing that when interest rates are below 6% it’s time to make their move. The National Association of Realtors has launched a new website reaching out to consumers with the facts about home ownership and the value of real estate as a long-term investment. I encourage you to visit it.
If you’re a potentially ready, willing and able buyer thinking of owning a home and realize that at the end of the year as a renter you only have receipts, you may want to try out this Buying vs. Renting work sheet. It's a nice tool to compare owning a home vs. renting.
The greater Lansing area still has a nice selection of inventory and highly motivated sellers, who may even be willing to take you out of that lease your tied into. We're seeing some creative things going on right now that may disappear as inventory stabilizes back to normal levels.
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"Expect the Best" Mike

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