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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Profile: Single, Bright and Female, Lansing Real Estate

Here is an interesting report about the singles buyer in the greater Lansing real estate market and nationally. Single Women are one of the fastest growing market segments
1 out of every 5 homes was bought by a Single Woman in 2006
1.5 million Single Women bought their own homes last year
Over 27% of first time homebuyers are Single Women
Average age: 42; early 30's to mid-50's; diverse market includes divorcees, single moms, young career women postponing marriage; about 25% are minorities
More Single Women are buying homes than ever before. They are financially independent and not waiting until they get married, or remarried, before they invest in their own home.
However, unlike couples or single men, this market thinks differently. Acts differently. And buys differently.
Profile of an Informed Customer
Single Women are smart, well-informed consumers, which is a great advantage for a strong, high-quality brand like Coldwell Banker®. Women tend to comparison shop and do more information gathering and research than men.
Women do their homework, do more research and expect a buttoned-up approach from partners
Women tend to focus on the details and are information hungry
Women talk to women: Network to find properties, locations, financing, services, etc
Tend to look at more properties; longer decision buying process
Expect high level of service; respond positively to random acts of kindness,
Provide 2x more referrals than men
Financially independent, however, more likely to be budget conscience. They want a partner who is sensitive to their budget
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